The improvements we have seen in student cognition and classroom participation are based on teacher feedback, which, while valuable, can be subjective. However, the increases on standardized test scores in Dramatic Impact classrooms are data-driven outcomes that have been measured and are statistically significant.

In a district-wide project that we implemented from 1999 to 2002 we worked with over 4,000 third-grade students and found that their standardized test scores in the language arts were dramatically higher than those of students who did not participate in the program. As a result, we were funded by the United States Department of Education to conduct additional research.

“Since 2005 the Jersey City Public Schools have been partnering with the Educational Arts Team in a U.S. Dept of Education grant to integrate drama into the Language Arts and Social Studies curriculum in the 4th – 7th grades…The results have been impressive.”

Dr. Charles T. Epps, Jr.,
Superintendent of Schools for Jersey City, NJ (2002–2012)


  • Results-Oriented Teaching Strategies