Studies and Stats

The charts that follow represent the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK) standardized test results of program groups independently evaluated by third party specialists at Seton Hall University.

The outcomes reflect the success of a series of projects supported by Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination Grants (2005 – 2014) from the U.S. Department of Education.


The USDOE studies were designed and carried out by evaluator Dr. Elaine Walker, Associate Professor in Education Leadership, Management, and Policy at Seton Hall University. She states:

“The overall findings… confirm previous studies in the district… Where the district has used federal funds to scaffold student learning with process drama, significant outcomes have been detected.

“Moreover, studies… have found that one, students sustain learning gains once they go on to other grade levels in which their instruction follows the traditional pedagogy; and two, students who receive instruction in arts integrated classrooms for two consecutive years outperform their peers who receive instruction for one year or not at all.

“Jersey City has received recognition from the U.S. Department of Education, the academic community and private foundations for the positive support that the arts have made in strengthening student learning in the traditional content areas.”

  • Results-Oriented Teaching Strategies